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Real-time reviews from Real People

by Graham Miller

See what people are really tweeting about shops.

Feb 2013


Before I buy something online I'm often found on review sites reading about product reviews or other people's shopping experiences. Lately through I've started to get a bit frustrated with them, the reviews seem to be out of date, biased or blatantly fake, and I looked around for something better.

When I couldn't find anything I decided it was a good opportunity to set something up ourselves, and so I'm pleased to say that we launched Shoptweets yesterday.

Shoptweets scans twitter posts to show you what real people are saying about real stores in real-time. You can see what they really think without any filtering or input from the shop thermselves, and you can see how responsive the shop is, by how quickly their customer service team react.

I'm certainly going to be using it, but I hope the appeal is wider than just myself! Visit and take a look yourself.


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Real-time reviews from Real People
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