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I Wrote for .Net Magazine

by Graham Miller

About Responsive Web Design

Sep 2012


I only subscribe to one mag, and that's .net magazine. I've been reading it for years, it's always chock-full of interesting articles and tips to improve what I do, and I enjoy listening out for the clunk when it drops through my letterbox once a month.

So when an email clunked into my inbox from the Deputy Editor of .net magazine asking if I would write an article for them, I was excited to say the least!

They asked me to write a tutorial piece about how to create a Responsive Web Site using the Responsive Grid System that I'd developed. As it happened, we were in the middle of updating the Edward Robertson web site using just that, so that's what I wrote about.

It's in the tutorials section of the online web site, you can read it here:


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I Wrote for .Net Magazine
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