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Web Design

I like making good web sites.

My Process

My process for building a web site is a bit like a can of shaving foam. It gushes out at the beginning, so there's always too much and you end up throwing some away. But by the end you've got to hold that nozzle down for ages just to get enough out to use. That's me.

I'm Fussy

What I'm saying is that it takes me a bit longer to build web sites than it should because I'm quite fussy about things being done right. I'm the sort of person who paints the underneath of shelves, even though no-one is ever going to see them. Sometimes I look under the shelves, so to speak, and smile a wry smile.

What I'm not

I'm not scared to tell clients when they're wrong (as long as its for the good of the project.)
I'm not scared to admit when I'm wrong (only when it's for the good of the project, in case my wife is reading this.)


I used to read books about French people staring out of windows and searching for the meaning of life. Now that I have kids I mostly read about caterpillars eating a variety of food. But these are the work books that got me here:

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Web <strong>Design</strong>

What Else I Do

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