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Digital Startups

When I'm not working for clients I like to create my own projects.



I created Shopsafe in 1999 as a place to list safe online shopping sites, as well as somewhere to promote our fledgeling e-commerce clients. As it grew, and as more and more online versions of the high street shops set up affiliate programs we realised this was a site that would not only provide a useful service, it could make us some money too. Shopsafe won the Tees Valley Internet award in 2003, it was serving over ten thousand people per day, but a pincer movement by voucher code sites, comparison sites and the google panda update chopped the site off at the knees. I'm planning to redesign and reinvigorate it soon, and I have high hopes.

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sell my old mobile phone

Sell My Old Mobile Phone

Sell My Old Mobile Phone is a comparison site that shows you the prices you'd get for selling your old phone from over 20 different mobile phone recycling companies. Some clever api stuff in the background means that the site updates itself (my favourite kind), and there are over 5000 handsets listed. The site was shortlisted for the Internet Award in the Newcastle heats of the North East Business Awards, but came away empty handed. Aawww. I want to redesign it responsively, and I'm also looking at developing an app. (Isn't everyone).

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last orders for christmas

Last Orders for Christmas

This site does exactly what it says on the tin, and lists the last order dates for Christmas from the major online stores. And for the pleasure of the information we drop a little affiliate cookie onto the user's machine when they click on an external link. I mean, it would be rude not to.

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free delivery voucher codes

Free Delivery Voucher Codes

This is another site that connects to affiliate network apis, it lists voucher codes that you can use at well known stores to get free delivery on your shopping. Rather than go for the standard SEO techniques we aimed to build something a bit different. The design won a few 'site of the day' awards, which earned us some great incoming links.

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