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Made in Newcastle

by Graham Miller

Trying to Improve my City

Aug 2012


When I finished university I was the only one of my group to return home to the North East. Everyone else headed for exciting jobs in the city of London. I was lucky, I started my own business just as the Internet was beginning to take off.

I love living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne, I'm proud of my city and I think it's a fantastic place for web and digital companies, whether established or startups, but unfortunately not everyone sees it that way.

That's why I created Made in Newcastle, to champion the successful Internet companies and web sites that have been Made in Newcastle. I want Newcastle to thrive in the 21st Century, and I believe that to do that the city has to get back to what it does best - making things. I've got two young children and I don't want them to have to leave the city to find their dream job.

There is a super tech community in Newcastle, buzzing with startups and successful web firms and there are amazing opportunities to learn at conferences like Dibi and Thinking Digital. And I want to shout about it.

So please take a look at Made in Newcastle, and if your web site or business was Made in Newcastle please add yourself to the site, and together we can showcase this amazing city.


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Made in Newcastle
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