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A Thousand Downloads

by Graham Miller

For my Responsive Grid System

Aug 2012


When I created the Responsive Grid System web site in June this year I did so because I'd been struggling to get to grips with responsive web design, I'd hit on something simple that worked for me and I wanted to share it.

To say I was surprised at the response would be an understatement! I mentioned it on twitter, and the next day my analytics showed the site had had over three thousand visitors - showing the appetite for responsive web design, and tools that can help.

Rather than being a framework that you have to build your entire site around, the Responsive Grid System is a few lines of HTML and a couple of CSS files containing media queries that fit in with how web designers and web developers work. It can be integrated with any project, no matter how large or small, and means you can fit the grid around the content, rather than choosing the content to match the grid.

I checked the stats yesterday and saw that the zip file (containing all you need to set up a site using the Responsive Grid System) has been downloaded over a thousand times which is incredible. I'd love to hear any feedback on if and how you've integrated it with your site, if it helped, what I can improve on or how I can help.


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A Thousand Downloads
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